Sunday, August 28, 2011

Magic Of Love !!!!

Hey Friends ... Magic is something we have always seen in circus or some kind of Magic shows...Right?

But, how many of you have realized it in your life? I have felt the magic of love in my life.. 

What's MAGIC in your dictionary? In mine its something that can fulfill all your wishes .. that can take away all your pain ..and something that knows what exactly you want?

And the biggest Magician of my life is .. "MA DAD".. Coz he is the one who has always fulfilled my wishes...he exactly knows what i m wishing for ... what i am going through.... he takes away all the pain of my life ...he is someone , who has given me a magical world ... where i m the princess :)

For a daughter her DAD is the biggest Magician .... Coz a DAD takes every pain to keep his daughter happy... he creates a dream home for his daughter ... even after knowing that one day her prince will take her princess daughter away.

I still remember .. from childhood till this date ... i have never asked anything from him    {except permission to let me go to Delhi for job ;) }.... and i can proudly say there's nothing which i have not got... and that's a MAGIC for me..!!!

Ma DAD has always fulfilled my wishes, actually there's nothing he has left in my life which i can wish for.. i have got the best education, a chance to work and earn, he taught me how to face the world, how to deal with people...and most importantly the simplicity with honesty ..

The phrase... " simple living , high thinking " is perfect for my DAD.. his life style is so simple , yet the way he thinks is something i wish some day i'll be able to do...

He is the strength of my life... he is the one whom i can blindly trust ... and i am sure that he'll always be there with me in my every step of ma life..

He is my role model ... there are lot many things i have to learn from him... but the magic of his love is something very very special for me..He's my life & i m nothing without him.

But, my blog doesn't end here... Only ONE MAGICIAN is not enough for life..;)

There is one more magician ...any guesses...?

Yes ...Yes.... MOTHER.... Ma MOM... She is the second magician of my life... coz she is a friend , a guide , a teacher, a sister....she plays many roles in her life...and the best part is , she spreads the magic in the dream home created by DAD.

MOM always knows the reason behind ma silly smiles or sad face... she is the one who can actually catch ma lies..;)

MOTHERS are true magicians ... you know why? Bcoz they handle home , office, family, neighbors , relatives, friends, children & their school home works, cooking ...list is very very long.....:)

 And those MOTHERS who are housewives.. don't ever think their work is less ... believe me they are actually living the hardest life...coz in office you know the limit of work...but @ home...the work never ends... :( 

Today i m happy to share my feelings with you all... and this happiness is also given by my MAGICIANS PARENTS ..!!!

Don't think if parents are rich then only they can be magicians ...coz then they will be able to get all expensive things for their child...NO. Getting expensive things is not a magic .. giving pure love, care , support , proper upbringing , good thoughts, strength to face the world and giving you a life ...that's MAGIC.

PARENTS are always MAGICIANS .... bcoz giving a birth ...a life to a child is the biggest MAGIC...:)

Lets all take a pledge today ... we will never let their MAGIC fade in our lives ... and will always be grateful to them for their MAGIC in our lives...

Is that enough..? No...!!

The most important thing which you can give to your PARENTS is Respect, Love , Care, Support & Lil bit of their MAGIC back...which they have always spread in your life.




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